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I have some kind of adware thing going on. Many pop ups with nekkid…

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I have some kind of adware thing going on. Many pop ups with nekkid titties. Jeeebus! I don't know what to do to get rid of all of it. Evidently the Norton isn't working. SHIT! I'm worried that we are going to end up like a friend of ours, with pop ups so MASSIVE that you can't do anything on your computer. Anyone got any suggestions?

I am so thrilled that I don't have to work tomorrow. That's sad. I keep wondering if I should look for something elsewhere. I hate to start all over. Most days I like what I'm doing. It's my almost 68yo supervisor that needs to get on with it. Supposedly she was going to retire when she got the last girl squared away. But she quit and along came me. I think J's afraid to let go. Even though her husband is retired and now ill. She has talked about going to half days. Even that would be better than now. Our space is too small and the little things are starting to make skin crawl. She sucks her teeth all day long and she SLURPS the hell out of ANYTHING she's drinking. I've also been told the last girl quit because J would never completely train her. She just kind of dragged things out. Some days I think it pisses her off when I do just fine without her. I am trying to hang in there because I truly beleive that when she retires, it will all be very good. Pray for retirement.

Mick leaves for North Dakota tomorrow or the next day. I have spent so much time sleeping alone this year, it's not even funny. I'm almost accustomed to it again. At least he's doing everything he can to support this family. He keeps going on about "Christmas this and Christmas that" Ah hell, all that matters to me is that we can pay the mortgage(the other little thing that keeps me working). I may actually host the family Thanksgiving this year. MAYBE! Tell me that I've lost my mind.

Okay, this was scattered mess. But I love you all and I'm trying to be present.

One last thing: mamaflavored when is the best time to plant roses? Thank you very much gardening Yoda.
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On October 19th, 2006 03:29 am (UTC), mamaflavored commented:
Where you live, baby doll, 365 days a year. Better now when it's not so hot.
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On October 20th, 2006 12:33 am (UTC), edmomom replied:
Cool. Now I have a plan for the weekend. Roses and a bag of tulip bulbs. It still amazes me that something so simple can bring such pleasure.
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On October 19th, 2006 03:37 am (UTC), ouryounghero commented:
just being present is HARD sometimes. But if you can manage it, other problems DO fall into place a little more. You are doing good.
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