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Faery Love

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I'm pretty easy to please. I like:

milk or dark chocolate (especially with nuts)
I crochet and sew
I like to do crafty things
I love music (all kinds)
reading (feed my mind)
I love to write -pens, pencils, markers and the paper/journals, stationery to go with it
nail polish, the darker the red the better
smell good (for the body or the home)
I drink coffee and tea
I like makeup (cheap to expensive) as long as it's not AVON (it kills my skin/eyes)
little picture frames
all kinds of flowers
I just love to get mail. I'm like a little kid, "is there anything for me?" type of girl.

Hmmm, I cannot think of anything off of the top of my head. I'll get back
to you.

edited to add: I don't do lipgloss

Current Mood:
cheerful cheerful
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